OTM foundry

OEM introduction

Provide the world's only one-stop service from raw material purification manufacturing, capacitive touch production, TPM display module lamination, and complete machine assembly


HKT foundry strength

Huake Chuangzhi has Shenzhen R&D Center, Guangzhou R&D Center, Jiangsu Suqian, Shandong Jining, Shenzhen Guangming Factory and Shenzhen Longgang Factory, with a total of more than 100,000 square meters of R&D and production bases.



HKT foundry advantages


High degree of technology integration + high degree of manufacturing integration

Reduce the interface of technology, shorten the development process, and provide a total solution


HKT foundry capacity


Current production capacity (86 inches as an example)


Jiangsu factory

100,000 square meters/month

500 tablets / day

400 tablets/day

1000 units/day

Shandong factory


1000 tablets / day

800 tablets / day

1500 units/day

Bright Factory

Whiteboard: 100,000 sets

LCD flat panel: 80,000 units

Video booths: 20,000 units



Coating wiring

Capacitive screen production line 4.0

Automated processing, introduction of MES system


Manufacturing System (MES) and Quality Control Essentials



Fully laminated manufacturing


Industry limits

Achieve a fit thickness

As low as 0.5mm

The first in China

Oversized and thin

Process yield exceeding

More than 98%.

Full lamination


Jiangsu + Shandong

1200 tablets / day



Full sticker, zero sticker, frame sticker comparison



Full lamination

Zero fit

Frame stickers


The medium is optical glue or water glue, and the reflectivity is low

The medium is transparent and has low reflectivity

The medium is air, and diffuse reflection is severe

Moisture proof

The medium is optical glue, no water vapor penetration

There are slight gaps, and water vapor can easily enter

Water vapor easily penetrates through the double-sided adhesive interface area


The middle is filled with gum, and no dust spots enter

Fine dust may enter

After vibration, dust is easy to enter

Structural strength



Relatively poor

Display effects



So so

Viewing angle


About 140 (no measured data)



The whole machine assembly line


Production equipment

Test the equipment