Huake Chuangzhi won two professional awards for the audio-visual industry summit forum 2019

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Huake Chuangzhi won two professional awards for the audio-visual industry summit forum 2019

(Summary description)Huake Chuangzhi won the "2019 Outstanding Touchscreen Brand Award" in the tenth Golden Peacock Awards of the Digital Signage Industry.

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On December 20, 2019, the "2019 Audiovisual Industry Summit Forum and the Tenth Golden Peacock Awards of the Digital Signage Industry" was grandly held at Shenzhen Shengzhou Garden Hotel. The grand theme of this event was "On the new audiovisual and building a new ecology", bringing together many scholars, experts and senior executives from the audiovisual industry to participate in the conference, the event scene was grand, "big coffee" gathered!

(The scene of the audiovisual industry summit forum 2019 )

As a leader in the silver nanowire industry, Huake Chuangzhi attended the forum with the smart brand SURWISE. Among them, Huake Chuangzhi won the "2019 Outstanding Touch Screen Brand Award" in the tenth Digital Signage Industry Golden Peacock Awards, and the Surwise brand won the "2019 Outstanding Conference Tablet Brand Award".

(Gao Yiyi, General Manager of Huake Chuangzhi Smart Products Division, received the award on the spot)

(Two award trophies)

At the forum, Huake Chuangzhi displayed multiple SURWISE capacitor conference tablets and provided the organizer with the innovative sign-in service of "electronic sign-in".

( SURWISE Capacitor Conference Tablet Appears at the Scene)

The novel sign-in method vividly demonstrated the smooth writing experience of nanocapacitors and won the praise of the guests.

(Guests sign in on the SURWISE capacitor conference tablet)

Looking at the audience, the SURWISE capacitor conference tablet is the most shining star. It not only attracted the crowds of guests, but also received numerous interviews and reports from many scientific media.

(Hua Ke Chuang Zhi was interviewed by the media)

This time it won two professional awards in the digital signage industry, which fully demonstrated the strength of Huake Chuangzhi on large-size capacitive screens and capacitive large-screen terminals.

On large-size capacitive screens, the self-developed capacitive screen products based on silver nanowire transparent conductive films cover the entire line from 10.1 inches to 110 inches, which has the advantages of enabling a full lamination process and a sensitive and accurate touch experience. Among them, 65-inch, 75-inch, and 86-inch products are the first in the world to achieve large-scale shipments. They can be widely used in education, conferences, smart homes, retail, advertising machines and other fields. Brother "title.

(Huake Chuangzhi large-size capacitive screen products)

The "2019 Outstanding Touch Screen Brand Award" is undoubtedly the best proof of the title of "big brother" for large-size capacitive screens.

On capacitive large-screen terminals, relying on the core technology advantages of capacitive large-screens, in 2019 Huake Chuangzhi launched a new smart terminal brand SURWISE.

( SURWISE capacitor conference flat wind series)

SURWISE is a brand that integrates human wisdom and technological wisdom. It hopes to use aesthetic and poetic methods to empower human knowledge sharing, thinking and colliding with poetry, and to use advanced technology to create the most perfect products for human information transmission, communication and collaboration.

( SURWISE Capacitor Conference Flat Video Conference)

SURWISE capacitive conference tablet has three core selling points: 4K ultra-clear quantum dot eye protection screen, silver nanowire capacitive touch control and full lamination process. In addition, the SURWISE capacitive conference tablet also integrates many conference functions such as multi-party remote video conference, full-channel annotation, wireless screen projection, and scan code saving, helping government and enterprise users to open an efficient "smart meeting" era.

As a brand-new brand in the commercial display industry, the "Excellent Conference Panel Brand Award 2019" is the best compliment to the SURWISE brand, and it is also the best recognition of the SURWISE capacitor conference panel products.