January 2020

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January 2020

(Summary description)Leading silver collar, struggling forward-Chairman of Huake Chuangzhi addressed the New Year 2020

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Dear leaders, shareholders, investors, partners and media friends:

happy New Year everyone!

Recurrence, Vientiane updates. Saying goodbye to the fulfilling and busy 2019, we have ushered in a promising 2020. On this occasion, on behalf of Shenzhen Huake Chuangzhi Technology Co., Ltd., I would like to extend my best wishes to everyone.

2019 is a year to remember, and we are celebrating the 70th birthday of our motherland. In the past 70 years, our country has made extraordinary achievements, people's living standards have been increasing, their overall national strength has been continuously enhanced, and various social undertakings have made gratifying achievements.

2019 is also a landmark year in the development of Huake Chuangzhi. In the five years of entrepreneurship, we have become the leader in the silver nanowire industry. The company's technological strength has been continuously improved, its product line has been continuously improved , and various businesses have been carried out in an orderly manner. In 2019, Huake Chuangzhi not only achieved leapfrog development, but also achieved a new transformation!


Leading silver collar, brave role as silver nanowire industry leader

Huake Chuangzhi's five-year entrepreneurial history is a concentrated history of the development of new materials in China. I imagine that 5 years ago, the domestic silver nanowire industry had not yet started, and the silver nanowire industry in Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea was already in the ascendancy. In the next few years, the "stuck neck" problem of flexible touch new materials may be placed in China's new materials Before the industry!

China has missed the rise of the ITO industry, but we cannot miss the opportunity of the silver nanowire industry again. To this end, 5 years ago, I and the University of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Professor Wen Weijia, set up Huake Chuangzhi to master the core technology of silver nanowires and solve the "neck" problem of touch materials in China.

Starting a business in 5 years is like breaking through the barriers. From the first bottle of silver nanowire ink that can be prepared on a large scale, to the first self-coated silver nanowire transparent conductive film, to the first self-printed large-size silver nanowire capacitive screen, and the first autonomous screen The research and development of the SURWISE nanocapacitor conference tablet, the R & D staff of Huake Chuangzhi worked hard, always keeping in mind the company's entrepreneurial mission, and finally achieved multiple from 0 to 1, and completed the silver nanowire industry layout in 2019.

In 5 years, Huake Chuangzhi not only brought silver nanowire technology from the laboratory to the market, but also promoted the industrialization of silver nanowires as an industry leader and realized the comprehensive landing of silver nanowire industry.


Silver collar advances, is committed to promoting the healthy and coordinated development of the industry


为此,2019年我参加了多个深具影响力的行业论坛,比如One Talks一刻举办的“先见未来大会”,Trendbank势银举办的“2019全球纳米银线技术与应用创新发展论坛”等等,我在这些论坛的演讲中均呼吁产业链朋友携手合作,共同做大银纳米线产业蛋糕,只有这样,整个产业才能良性发展。








Xiongguan Mandao is as iron as it is, and now he is striding forward from scratch. The new year opens new hopes, and new journeys carry new dreams. We will keep in mind the core values ​​of “Hua Ke”, “forge ahead, be realistic, and innovate”. In the new year, we will continue to unite and work hard to create a smart brand that Chinese people can be proud of and write a new chapter of Hua Ke's wisdom!

I wish you all good health, happy family and good luck in the new year!



Shenzhen Huake Chuangzhi Technology Co., Ltd.

Yu Dongxu

January 1, 2020