Entrepreneurship is a triangle, technology, market, capital are indispensable

2021-12-16 19:47


"Material technology is the core technology of every scientific and technological revolution."

"The biggest pain point of materials science is the search for application scenarios."

"Entrepreneurship is a triangle, technology, market, and capital are indispensable."

On December 16, 2021, at the "Entrepreneurship 100 Future Unicorn Summit and 2021 Entrepreneurship State Annual Conference", Yu Dongxu, chairman and CEO of Huake Chuangzhi, was invited to participate in the "Choosing tough technologies, what changes will it bring to himself and the industry?" ", golden sentences frequently appeared during the banquet.


At the award ceremony that night, Huake Chuangzhi won the "2021 Entrepreneurship 100 Future Unicorns" award. The list was launched for the first time by Start-ups, focusing on finding 100 "potential unicorn companies", aiming to discover new engines of economic growth in various industries and help China's economy develop with high-quality innovation. After many screenings, Huake Chuangzhi stood out from more than 700 outstanding enterprises selected.





The award-winning companies all reflect the continuous innovation of hard core technology. As a result, the startup state has also carried out the "choose to tackle tough technologies, what changes will it bring to itself and the industry?" to explore the stories behind the award-winning companies.

Material technology is the core technology of every scientific and technological revolution

With the development of information technology, material technology plays an increasingly important role. In 2007, Apple launched the first generation of smart phones, ITO is still the core substrate of mobile phone touch screen, its core technology is monopolized by developed countries, "stuck neck" like hindering the development of China's mobile phone industry. The significance of Huake Chuangzhi's development of nano-silver technology is to break the monopoly position of traditional ITO materials. Not only that, Huake Chuangzhi has also successfully developed the blue ocean field of medium and large-size touch screens, realized the layout in the fields of business display, education, and conference, and will continue to develop broad application scenarios such as smart homes and smart cars.

With the deepening of 5G technology, the demand for large-size and flexible touch of the Internet of Things will usher in an outbreak, and nanosilver will be used as a new generation of conductive substrate for human-computer interaction and will become the core technology of the next scientific and technological revolution.



  • Industry changes to promote the development of new material technology


The rise of hard core technology is inseparable from the support of the industry. Since the beginning of the Sino-US trade war in 2018, the state has increased its policy preference for hard science and technology, forming favorable conditions for long-term industries such as new materials; The investment community is also increasingly identified with the new materials industry. In the post-pandemic era, online office has become a new form, and the demand for online meetings has exploded. With the help of various dimensions, Huake Chuangzhi has been given the opportunity for rapid development and quickly opened up the situation in the field of conference and education.

"In the past few years, the application scenarios of nanosilver technology have become more and more extensive, and we have established a leading position in the non-mobile phone field," Yu Dongxu said, "By next year, Huake Innovation Intelligence will usher in rapid growth, the team will grow to thousands of people, and will connect with the international market and transform into an international company." ”



  • Entrepreneurship: Technology, market, and capital are indispensable


In the dialogue, when talking about the entrepreneurship of scientists, the scientists and entrepreneurs present expressed the difficulty of transformation from technology to products, Yu Dongxu, as the helm of Huake Innovation and Intelligence market strategy, he proposed a classic "entrepreneurial triangle" theory: entrepreneurship is a triangle, technology, market, capital are indispensable. The importance of money, especially for hard tech companies with long payback cycles, is self-evident. Technically, Huake Chuangzhi's nanosilver technology was incubated by Professor Wen Weijia and his team of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, "Professor Wen is 1, I am 0" Yu Dongxu said, no good technology equals 0, with good technology, but also need a precise strategy, find the direction of strength.

Despite this, Yu Dongxu still believes that "the biggest pain point of materials science is the search for application scenarios". At the beginning of its business, Huake Chuangzhi also experienced the problem of market selection: the characteristics of nanosilver determine its application scenarios are very many, if you only pay attention to the immediate situation, choose to enter the then hot mobile phone touch screen market, and technology, production line, cost control, etc. are already very mature ITO head-on, will definitely drown in the "Red Sea". Based on his accurate insight into the market, Yu Dongxu finally aimed at the blue ocean market in the field of medium and large-size touch screens.

Nowadays, Huake Chuang has successfully sat on the chair of "large-size capacitive screen brother". With this as a base, Huake Chuangzhi will have the strength to gradually layout in the field of small and medium-sized touch in the future, seize the market outbreak such as flexible folding mobile phones, achieve curve overtaking, and be fully prepared for the arrival of the next industrial revolution!


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