The Double 11 conference board sprang up, and SURWISE appeared on the Good Things List

2021-11-13 10:38

The annual online carnival is coming as scheduled, Double 11, which is the battlefield for brand owners to sprint their performance, and it is also a show for brand owners' product strength. In the field of conference tablets, Maxhub and Huawei are still the main players in the terminal consumer market, and they are playing well in the field of infrared capacitor conference tablets; But there are also some new forces that have sprung up and become at the top of's list of good things, which is particularly eye-catching, and it is the SURWISE capacitor conference board.



The reason why it is eye-catching, on the one hand, is that when it comes to conference boards, Maxhub and Huawei are brands that everyone can immediately associate with, and they have indeed brought a unique new meeting experience to the consumer market. But some of the industry's rising stars actually have extraordinary backgrounds. For example, SURWISE, it is a brand of the leading nano silver enterprise Huake Chuangzhi, its capacitor conference board touch adopts its own nano silver core technology, backed by the industrial chain advantage of Huake Chuangzhi from materials, components to the one-stop assembly of the whole machine, it can be said that the advantage is engraved in DNA, this time on the list of good things, it is also the tip of the iceberg surfaced.

On the other hand, at the top of the list of good things, except for the SURWISE capacitor conference board, almost all others are infrared conference boards. In fact, the advantages of capacitive conference board in the use experience are incomparable to infrared machines. Take the SURWISE capacitive conference tablet as an example, it adopts nano silver capacitive touch screen, which is smoother in writing, more responsive, and less disturbed by the environment; Its full lamination process also has unique advantages in visual effect and eye protection effect. In fact, MaxHub and other industry leading companies have layout in the field of capacitor conference tablets, but due to new technologies and new directions, the demand for this market has not been fully opened, and the corresponding products are still mainly concentrated in the field of high-end commercial displays, and the appearance rate of capacitor conference tablets on e-commerce platforms is not high. At this Double 11 event, SURWISE capacitor conference tablet can rank at the top of the list of good things, which is consumers' recognition of this new technology and new product, which is a small step for the SURWISE brand, but also a big step for the capacitor conference board!

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