Double 11 gratitude feedback, SURWISE nano silver capacitor conference plate breakdown industry bottom price

2021-11-04 11:40

Compared with the old image of traditional projector + curtain + whiteboard, the shape of the conference board is very refreshing, simple and single screen, integrating projector, computer, TV, electronic whiteboard, audio and other functions, easily realizing wireless screen projection, conference annotation, conference content scanning code and other functions. As a result, the conference board has set off a wave of smart meetings.

At present, infrared conference board and capacitive conference board on the market are divided into two parts of the world. Although the experience of infrared conference board in writing fluency, accuracy, visual perception and other aspects is not as prominent as that of capacitive conference board, it still occupies the mainstream market due to price advantage, and capacitive conference board is mainly concentrated in the high-end market.

After research, consumers in the market generally recognize the superiority of capacitive conference boards when purchasing conference boards. Taking the SURWISE brand capacitive conference tablet as an example, it adopts nanosilver technology, the writing response speed is 0.01 seconds, and the accuracy is 0.5 mm ±, bringing a writing experience that is no different from paper; Supports up to 40 simultaneous touches. In addition, the full lamination process is adopted to provide better visual effect and vision protection. However, in the actual purchase, many consumers are limited by the budget, and often retreat to the second place, choosing a lower price infrared tablet.

Taking advantage of this Double 11, in order to further popularize capacitive conference tablets, let more people taste early, and make nanosilver technology benefit more people. At the same time, in order to thank new and old customers who have supported Huake Chuangzhi and SURWISE brand for a long time, SURWISE brand launched the "Double 11 Gratitude Giving Activity", with a historical shocking price, you can buy SURWISE 75-inch capacitive conference board for 14999 yuan!


In addition, this "SURWISE Double 11 Thanksgiving Activity" also has exquisite gifts, such as wall mounts, touch pens, and smart electric fans worth 399 yuan. More surprises waiting for you to unlock! Don't miss out on thanks!!!

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