Heavy! Huake Chuangzhi was selected as the 2021 innovation partner list of Tencent's 5G ecological plan!

2021-07-16 10:16

On July 15, Tencent's 5G Ecosystem Plan 2021 Innovation Partner List was announced, and Huake Innovation Intelligence was successfully selected, and in the future, the two parties will explore 5G technology and application innovation in cognitive upgrade, capability acceleration, brand upgrade, platform empowerment, benchmarking visit, capital linkage and other dimensions through ecosystem co-construction, and promote the large-scale application of 5G scenarios.

As the underlying communication technology and network connection infrastructure, 5G needs to link various technologies such as robots, AR, VR, big data, AI, and new hardware, and deeply connect the capabilities and characteristics of intelligent terminals, industry, entertainment, transportation, energy and other industries to achieve ecological transformation. Ma Huateng, chairman and CEO of Tencent, proposed to treat climbing Mount Everest in technology and industry as a scientific and technological community and global industrial ecology. Tencent hopes to leverage internal resources and ecosystem capabilities to build a new 5G application innovation carrier.

On April 21, Tencent's 5G Ecosystem Program launched the 2021 Innovation Partner Recruitment, and after nearly three months of preliminary review, technical review, application testing and joint review, 35 companies, including Huake Chuangzhi, were finally selected, covering 12 5G scenarios such as industrial Internet, intelligent interaction, virtual/augmented reality, and future networks, with a total valuation of nearly 100 billion yuan.

As a leader in the nano silver wire transparent electrode industry, Huake Chuangzhi takes the lead in creating the world's first one-stop service system from raw material purification manufacturing, nano silver wire capacitive screen touch production, TPM display module lamination, and complete machine assembly through self-developed nano silver wire conductive film, high-precision sensor, large-size touch screen, full lamination process and terminal product development, providing OEM services from raw materials to finished products for many well-known brands such as Hisense, Haier, Country Garden Yundei Technology, Xinmile, Shanghai E-Jiao, Xiahua and so on , widely recognized by the industry.

Huake smart large screen products cover smart education, smart commercial display, smart TV and other fields, and have been applied in vertical industries such as education, commerce, home, government affairs, finance, and entertainment, and have become a leading enterprise in the field of 5G capacitive smart large screen.

In the future, Huake Chuangzhi will combine its years of accumulation in the field of smart large screens, carry out in-depth cooperation with Tencent 5G, actively promote the application of different scenarios such as human-computer interaction and smart city, explore more industry cooperation clues and innovative application landing opportunities, and provide a practical implementation path for building a benchmark for 5G applications.

About Tencent's 5G ecological plan

In order to better promote 5G industrialization and industrial 5Gization, in December 2019, Tencent launched the 5G ecological plan, relying on Tencent Operator Center, Tencent Xianyou Cloud Game, Tencent AI Lab, Tencent Robotics X, Tencent Multimedia Lab, Tencent Future Network Lab, Tencent Youtu Lab, Tencent Network Platform Department, Tencent Cloud Architecture Platform Department, Tencent START Cloud Game, Tencent Cloud Communications products, technologies and network capabilities, joint operators, terminal brands, The strong resources of partners such as equipment manufacturers and Tencent's rich multimedia content and application scenarios continue to introduce excellent 5G capabilities and build a 5G ecosystem.

Under the strategy of ecological openness, from the five levels of 5G ecology, standards, network, security and application, Tencent and operators, industry leading enterprises, research institutions, innovative enterprises and other partners have carried out multi-dimensional and all-round cooperation to jointly provide technologies and solutions for 5G digital upgrade, and provided more than 100 5G+AI capability interfaces, more than 300 5G application solutions, and 5G application standards and open source in multiple fields, covering more than 10,000+ partners. Technology empowerment for 5G industry applications.

At the same time, Tencent is also empowering and accelerating cooperation with innovative enterprises through the 5G ecosystem. As of May 2021, 8 of Tencent's 5G Ecosystem Plan 2020 innovation partners have received investment from Tencent, and 25 innovation partners have received a new round of financing, achieving value growth. Driven by the ecosystem, Tencent and its innovation partners have reached more than 60 joint solutions, technical cooperation and project cooperation in 2020, covering multiple scenarios such as video, gaming, transportation, e-sports, VR, AR, Internet of Things, and finance.

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