Huake SURWISE nano smart blackboard live broadcast debut! Stay tuned for more!

2021-06-09 10:20

On June 7, the national college entrance examination kicked off, students will usher in the first big exam of their lives, on the same day, Huake Chuangzhi SURWISE Jingdong flagship store also launched a nano wisdom blackboard live broadcast as scheduled, cheering for the college entrance examination students and helping the gold list title.

Huake SURWISE nano smart blackboard has been known for its functions such as nano capacitor writing, wireless screen projection, and distance teaching, but if you want to know how it performs when teaching applications, and what hidden skills are overlooked, I am afraid that there is no way more intuitive than live demonstration.

During the live broadcast, the anchor introduced the advantages of Huake SURWISE nano smart blackboard in terms of safety factor and use experience from the appearance and hardware configuration of the product - the rounded corners of the fuselage have no sharp edges, and the three core technologies of nano silver wire capacitor technology, full bonding process and anti-blue light eye protection are combined to create a first-level sensory experience of "seeing the best, hand touching the real".

With the powerful hardware blessing of Huake, SURWISE nano smart blackboard touch is very sensitive, words appear, no air layer barrier, excellent hand feeling, built-in whiteboard software with hand back erasing, two-point mobile zoom, five-finger press screen and multi-graphics and other convenient gesture operations, more flexible presentation of board book content.

In addition to the function of basic board books, how to improve the interaction between teachers and students and between students in classroom teaching, and create a space for students to explore independently? The anchor showed you some common functions in smart teaching scenarios:

Digital electronic textbooks, the content of the teacher's textbooks is directly displayed on the large screen, and with a light touch, the four functions of sight, listening, speaking and acting are displayed as desired, making classroom learning more vivid and interesting;

When it is necessary to emphasize a certain knowledge point, you can call the magnifying glass and spotlight at hand, and students can clearly and intuitively perceive the key points of the class;

The wireless screen transmission method can quickly synchronize the pictures or files in the mobile phone and computer to the screen, and the annotation, reverse control and other information are synchronized in real time, so that the teacher can quickly receive the students' mastery of the knowledge points, arrange the teaching focus, and free the teacher from cumbersome, mechanical and repetitive mental work~


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