Huake Innovation Intelligence Yu Dongxu: The underlying new material technology + solution support empowers digital upgrading

2021-05-25 09:31

The 14th Five-Year Plan mentions the need to "accelerate digital development and build a digital China". Grasping digital opportunities, releasing digital vitality, and giving full play to the new advantages of the digital economy have become the mission of the times. Adapting to the changes of the times, comprehensively improving the level of digitalization, and reconstructing the core competitiveness of enterprises have become important and urgent tasks for enterprises.

So how exactly do you understand digitalization? How can enterprises respond quickly and use new technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data to transform? In response to digitalization-related issues, Guangdong launched the topic of "Light Up Digital China", through dialogue with experts and scholars, Bay Area Chamber of Commerce associations and entrepreneurs to conduct comprehensive analysis and interpretation, this dialogue, Guangdong interviewed Yu Dongxu, founder and chairman of Huake Chuangzhi.



The essence of digitalization is an upgrade of "links", just as ships connect continents, trains connect cities, cars connect villages, digitalization connects the world together, and creates links of information.

The era of digital economy has arrived, and all walks of life have deeply embraced the digital era through various forms to achieve digital transformation. Through more than 7 years of continuous exploration, Huake Chuangzhi has not only achieved digital transformation, but also explored a set of experience on how to apply new materials to practice under the guidance of digitalization.

With its self-developed nano-silver wire material technology, Huake Chuangzhi has strongly broken the situation that the nano-silver wire industry has been monopolized by foreign high-priced monopolies for many years as a dark horse, creating a precedent for the development of China's nano-silver materials, providing a flexible material foundation for the upcoming new round of scientific and technological revolution frontiers, and turning the digital, networked and intelligent future of wisdom into a reality that can be touched.



Technology + market double blessing

Data assets become a reservoir of transformation



With the advent of the era of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction and other new technologies will change the future industrial pattern and become the engine of China's new industrial development, and the traditional ITO conductive film as a rigid material, difficult to adapt to the requirements of industrial transformation and upgrading, flexible new materials have become the next wave of hot spots. At the same time, there are problems in China's new materials field, such as insufficient core innovation capabilities and insufficient forward-looking technology reserves, which are not conducive to the subsequent healthy development of the industry.

According to Phoenix Guangdong, Huake Innovation Intelligence (HKT), founded in 2014, is a national high-tech enterprise that masters the core technologies of nano-silver wire and CPI, and integrates R&D, production, sales and service.

Relying on the support of advanced technology, Huake Chuangzhi has led the development and operation in the field of new materials and nanosilver, becoming a unicorn in the field of flexible new materials, a leading enterprise in the nanobanking industry, and a well-deserved leader in the global nanosilver flexible transparent conductive film.

Yu Dongxu believes that digital transformation has become a common trend in the entire industry, and the importance of data is increasing, becoming the most valuable resource for enterprises.

Driven by the combination of "technology + market", Huake Chuangzhi started from the synthesis and production of the most basic nano silver wire raw materials, and has now realized the whole industrial chain layout of nano silver ink synthesis, coating, large-scale engineering applications, and smart terminals, forming a relatively complete digital closed loop.


Improve core technology research capabilities

Accelerate the landing of technological achievements


In order for science and technology to truly create value, it is necessary to have the pattern and mind of looking up at the starry sky and keeping up with the times, and also have the determination to sit on the bench for ten years, which is the original intention of Huake Chuangzhi.

In China's key industrial chains and strategic emerging industrial systems, key core technological innovations and breakthrough capabilities are constrained by costs, and consumers' recognition of local enterprises' high-tech products is not high, resulting in the inability to form a virtuous process cycle in the innovation field.

Yu Dongxu said that Huake Chuangzhi is in the spirit of "ten years of grinding a sword" to conduct solid research around the core technology, successfully build a nano-silver wire transparent electrode industry chain, realize the whole industrial chain layout from nano-silver ink synthesis, coating, large-scale engineering application, and smart terminals, promote the highly integrated development of new material technology and various industries, and effectively integrate the innovation system and capacity building with national needs, social needs, and industrial needs.

At the bottom technology level, the core technology of the fifth generation of nano silver wire independently developed by Huake Chuangzhi has reached the 8nm wire diameter standard, far exceeding the international level; In the field of flexible folding, the self-developed CPI and flexible touch modules, which are resistant to bending more than 500,000 times, have been successfully and widely used in handheld mobile terminals, folding tablets, folding notebook computers, flexible smart wearable and other products.

At the solution level, Huake Chuangzhi has built an independent smart terminal brand "SURWISE" with cultural connotations, covering nanocapacitor conference tablets, nanocapacitor blackboards, nanocapacitor teaching all-in-one machines, nano-advertising machines and other products, serving vertical industries such as finance, education, and medical care, and contributing to China's construction of a digital society in the new era of socialism and empowering digital transformation by launching smart solutions such as "smart campus", "smart healthcare", "smart finance" and "smart party building".


In the process of digitalization, technological change and industrial transformation are parallel needs, and the cutting-edge, basic and underlying technical capabilities are the core engines. With the power of new material technology as the fulcrum, Huake Chuangzhi has stepped into the fast lane of digital economy development and supported more intelligent futures.




Phoenix Network Guangdong: What core competitive advantages do you think your company has in this wave of "new infrastructure" construction?


Liu Pound:

Based on the drive of conscience, Dash analyzed the essence of the Internet of Things, which is actually to awaken all things, we are not controlling all things, nor transforming all things, but awakening all things, using the technology of the Internet of Things to wake up all things, and human beings to each other. For example, Dashi Intelligent Building, we use the technology of the Internet of Things to create a green and intelligent environment, in this environment to work, think, research and develop, innovation. The system upgrade of the Internet of Things provides us with a warm and bright environment. This environment can also inspire the company to make contributions in the future "new infrastructure", which is to build on each other and grow together, which is the essence of the Internet of Things.

Based on the essence of the Internet of Things, we can find the mission of Dashi Intelligence. We define the development mission of the enterprise as "intelligent connection of all things, heart to heart". With a mission, we have launched our own corporate philosophy. The company's mission makes us have endless energy in our hearts, which direction do you run after having energy? At this time, there must be the philosophy of the enterprise to escort, we call it "reaching the rule and being good to the world, in fact, perseverance is the same". The core values, the company's shared beliefs and the company's code of conduct all three make up Dash's corporate philosophy, which is driven by conscience and the result of our continuous exploration.

In terms of innovation-driven, based on 5G, Dash uses cloud technology, big data and artificial intelligence to serve multiple subdivided industries, which has formed the company's development strategy. Then we launched the development tactic of "direct to users, win customers, ignite employees". In this way, the enterprise development strategy is clarified, the goal of focusing on breakthroughs, and the tactics of finding enterprise development have established the mechanism of enterprise operation.

The mission, philosophy, strategy and tactics of Dash Intelligent combine to form the four steps of Dash's development. Based on the 4 steps of Dash's growth and development, we are fully prepared for the "new infrastructure" in the future.

Source: Phoenix Network Guangdong News Center
From: Chief Interview

Written by: Li Teng

Reviewer: Chen Xiaoting

Editor: Chen Xiaoting




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